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Investment Management

Monarch Wealth Management takes a proactive and tactical approach to managing financial and investment risk. As part of our Investment Management services, we work with each client to determine a “family index” figure that serves as a targeted rate of return needed to help meet their goals. Our use of the “family index” serves as a benchmark to guide our future recommendations and avoid taking excessive risk. Our clients tend to be more risk adverse and look to us to steer them in the right direction and keep on track. We do this by proactively monitoring their finances, meeting twice a year to ensure the proper guidance is in place and make any necessary changes.

As fee-based investment advisors, we charge an annual management fee based on the value of your account. Unlike commissions, our compensation is directly linked to the performance for our clients.

The LPL Financial Difference

Through our advisor’s affiliation with LPL Financial, we are supported by one of the largest independent research organizations in the industry. LPL Financial’s research department uses advanced technology–based tools and in-depth personal interviews to monitor investments and other securities they follow and recommend. LPL Financial has no proprietary investment products or investment banking operations—thus, recommendations are free from any potential conflicts of interest.  As a result, you get access to high-quality investment strategies incorporating a broad scope of options including stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance, private money managers, exchange traded funds, and mutual funds.

Our Services and Philosophy

We provide the following as part of our investment management services:

  • Client portfolio design and development
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Client portfolio rebalancing
  • Precise ongoing monitoring
  • Regular review meetings

Our investment philosophy is rooted in prudent investing and holds at its core a belief that proper asset allocation and diversification along with professional, ongoing advice are the primary determining factors of long-term investment success.

Rather than picking individual stocks and bonds ourselves, we rely on the expertise of professional money managers to make the day-to-day decisions of your portfolios while we focus our attention on overall portfolio design and the ability of the managers to continue to meet your and our expectations.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. Asset allocation and diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.